Governance in an iPad …

With each new presentation of our  Board Portal (Board Book), Directors are asking the same question about the choice of a tablet. And the first answer is “the tablet doesn’t matter, being an iPad or not”… It rather depends on the tools used by the tablet. If you need “Guitar Hero” which is on the iPad but not on Android, you will havo to go with the iPad …

Several administrations have already equipped their directors with laptop computers. However, there are some directors who continue asking for paper. It’s normal, learning to manage a computer is not a simple task, especially for someone over 60 who never touched one. The reduced learning curve of an iPad for example, istempting. The choice of the tablet, in that case is the iPad. It is no longer a rational decision, but the gadget effect that takes over.

Going paperless is a move that requires some adaptation. The easiest way is replacing paper by a tablet. But the adoption of the “new paper” is helped by the right tools. We see many very frustrated board members using tablets with the tools for desktop computers. Using Intranet or emailed MS office documents can use all of the tablet memory after two board meetings! It’s like driving a Formula 1 on country roads, not a good idea! The use of modern tools like the iPad must be accompanied by  the use of a board portal, otherwise the experience is limited and soon or later paper will be back.

As for the choice, for now at least, an iPad is the best… emotional choice!

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